Monthly Archives: April 2019

6 Tips to Clearing Out Your To-Do List as a Small Business Owner

Small business owners have a multitude of tasks to accomplish every day. They need to manage and schedule their employees, deal with suppliers, and keep an eye on cash flow...... Read More

How to Mix Corporate Cultures When Merging Businesses

A crucial factor in a successful merger and acquisition is a thoughtful integration of corporate culture. Statistics show that a significant amount of mergers and acquisitions do not achieve their...... Read More

Mid Atlantic Businesses Engage Rotay Capital Finance For Factoring In Company Growth

Lancaster, Penn. – April 11, 2019 – Receivables financing or factoring is currently helping two small business owners in construction contracting continue to improve cash flow and hire for jobs...... Read More

9 Steps to Take to Start a Trucking Company

There may never have been a better time in this country to start a trucking company than the present time. Statistics show us that at least 70% of all freight...... Read More

Financing Equipment for a Construction Company

Virtually all companies, including construction companies, need some type of equipment to run their business, and to ensure that operations proceed smoothly. Generally speaking, most businesses don’t have the cash...... Read More