Even if your workplace is casual and your business a startup, professionalism is vital. The news is full of companies that failed to create a positive, fair and effective office atmosphere. A few CEOs learned, the hard way, that the successful workplace should not have much in common with a frat house or exclusive club. Your business environment must be inclusive, professional, (mostly) serious and built around shared business goals.

Here’s how you can create a proper, comfortable, supportive and effective work environment, even if your team works remotely.

Avoid Over-Sharing

Keep personal problems and details to yourself. Relationships should be built on a purely professional, but friendly and approachable, level. Don’t gossip or create drama amongst employees or co-workers.

Make sure your reputation is spotless and dealings with everyone are fair, honest and above-board. The people who work for you today may be hiring you in the future—or may have influence you need to get new investment, perhaps.  Aim for relationships of mutual respect with your colleagues and staff.

Know the Difference Between Team Events and Dates

This sounds extreme, but you get the idea. Team bonding is great, but make sure activities don’t involve, for instance, going out to dinner or dancing—unless it’s with the group. Avoid doing anything that could be misunderstood, and overstepping boundaries between personal life and professional business dealings.

Realize Others Have Lives

Respect employees off time. You may work 24/7, especially if it’s your company, but you’ll earn more loyalty by not holding others to such an impossible standard. Avoid frequent “crunch times” where the staff is required to put in extra hours or eat pizza at their desks (even if you’re buying).

If you do ask for extra effort, make sure it’s not often–and make sure you compensate fairly. Provide overtime pay or extra time off when the crunch is over, for example. Enthusiastically support your co-workers or employees’ rights to have a life, and you’ll earn loyalty and respect. Everyone will want to do their best work for you and recommend your company as a great place to work.

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