Even businessmen who are not particularly tech-savvy can gain a world of benefits by using Microsoft Excel. The software has come a long way in the last several decades, and it’s easier to use than ever before. Here are some ways that you can save a ton of time using Microsoft Excel, so you can devote more time to pressing business issues.

Build Your Own Calculator

As you probably know, there are a tremendous number of calculations built into Excel software. If there are some fairly complicated calculations which you’re obliged to perform repeatedly, you should program these into your Excel software, so you can save time by having them performed instantly.

Transform Numbers into Charts

In Excel, it’s very easy to transform columns of numerical data into graphs or charts, which are much more readable and understandable than raw numbers. This can be a major time-saver for you and will be much easier on your eyes when you’re trying to analyze data.

Use the Accounting Functions

Excel has a number of features built into it which are ideal for generating forecasts, financial reports, budget plans, and even for tracking expenses. Learn what kinds of functions are available in the software, and make use of as many of these as possible, to save yourself some serious time when you have to do accounting.

Retrieve Live Data from the Internet

If you routinely need to retrieve data from the Internet in the form of exchange rates, stock prices, or airline flight information, you can simply have Excel retrieve the data for you and save yourself a ton of time. Every version of Excel after the year 2010 includes this capability, so you should make use of it.

Create Daily Calendars

Even if you already have a daily schedule or calendar, it still makes sense to put it in Excel, because you can have all of your scheduling information right in one place. You can create a schedule for your blog posts, for your website updates, and for any other business function which needs to occur regularly.

Save Time, Save Money

At Rotay Capital Finance, we’re totally in favor of having your company save time and money with good business decisions. One really good decision you could make is to consult with us when you’re in need of funding because our financial specialists are ready and waiting to consult with you.