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Where Can I Go for Small Business Funding?

The story is as old as the most ancient economies: You have a fabulous idea that will make you rich, but you have no money to get started. Still, even...... Read More

What All Companies Need To Know About Accounts Receivable Financing

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The Perks of Being an Older Startup Founder

It’s understandable to assume that all startups are founded by young guys in hoodies, working out of their parent’s garage, with takeout containers surrounding their workspace. This is the image...... Read More

Should You Consider a Merchant Cash Advance?

Every business owner knows that no matter how big or small the business may be, there will always be a time when you need a little extra cash. Whether it’s...... Read More

How To Use Factoring Services

Unlike most other financial products designed to help your company’s cash flow, factoring is not a  form of financing through debt. Instead, it’s the sale of your invoices and the...... Read More

How To Finance Your New Franchise

Opening a franchise of an existing business is an excellent option for anyone who wants the independence that comes with being an entrepreneur but still wants the support that comes...... Read More

How To Ensure That Your Employees Buy Into Your Corporate Culture

When your employees understand and connect with your corporate culture, they continue to be engaged in ways that benefit their performance and your bottom line. These are some practical ways...... Read More

How Accountants Can Help Track Employee Expenses

Keeping track of all business expenses is the most important task for anyone who works in accounting. One thing that can be a little tricky is keeping track of individual...... Read More

Boost Your Working Capital To Help Your Operations Thrive

Each day you open your doors, you spend money on electricity to boot up your computer and employees to answer the phone. Each day you do not collect cash from...... Read More

5 Reasons to Get a Line of Credit for Your Business

Your business needs money both for daily operations as well as growth and expansion. There are many options available to you when it comes to getting the finances you need....... Read More