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Write a Sales Plan in 7 Steps

Your company’s sales plan describes your growth goals, the steps you’ll take to realize these objectives, and the measurement criteria you’ll use to evaluate your business profitability and success. Create your company mission and measurable goals: Measurable goals allow you... Read More

How to Optimize Your Professional Development

You worked hard to get to where you are in your career, but your work isn’t quite done yet. Professional development is extremely important whether you plan to move up the ladder or not. After all, times and technology change... Read More

Tasks Worth Outsourcing When Starting Up a Business

The finances of most new business owners are often so tight they feel they have no choice but to take on every task themselves. This includes everything from website design to bookkeeping to hiring staff and much more. However, it... Read More

7 Tips for Successful Business Acquisitions

Mergers and acquisitions can help you to create a stronger, more valuable business if your strategy is sound. When considering M&A, make sure you’re ready–and that you’re making the wisest move. Keep these factors in mind before you take action:... Read More

How to Retain a Healthy Workplace Environment After Mergers and Acquisitions

An important factor in ensuring prosperity after mergers and acquisitions is the successful integration of company cultures. It is imperative that you assuage employee anxiety and reassure personnel that any necessary changes represent a move forward and a bright future.... Read More

Resources Veterans Can Use When Starting a Business

Veterans make great entrepreneurs. The same character traits that make a person successful in the military translate well into business. If you’re considering beginning your own veteran-owned business, you should check out these resources that will help you take your... Read More

Grow Your Business With More Working Capital

Small businesses usually work on moderately-sized projects with rapid turnarounds. However, if an opportunity for business expansion through undertaking a major project suddenly presents itself, business owners need to come up with a quick influx of working capital. Here are... Read More

Tips for Saving Money on Fuel for Trucking Companies

The ultimate goal of a trucking company is to get products from one destination to another as quickly and as efficiently as possible. This is the big picture: the reality is that a lot of small pieces go into this... Read More

Get Business Funding With Limited to No Cash Flow

It is a truism that in order to continue to grow, businesses of all sizes and stages of growth need access to financing. However, sometimes difficulties arrive that impede your company cash flow and hinder your access to small business... Read More

How to Empower Lazy Employees to Succeed

One of the biggest challenges to running a small business is employee management. If some of your employees are not performing up to your expectations, or their potential, here’s what to do. Motivating Under-Performing Employees Make priorities and policies very... Read More