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Reasons to Start Your Own Business Early in Life

Forming a business is a daunting proposition, and it can feel like a real gamble to young people who don’t have a lot of professional experience in their chosen field. However, establishing a business when you’re young has some notable... Read More

Normalize Your Cash Flow With Accounts Receivable Financing1

Using invoice billing is a great way to give your customers convenience and a straightforward rundown of the work done, but it can make your cash flow unpredictable. Practically every business that uses invoicing winds up needing to put in... Read More

How To Streamline Your Operation With Invoice Factoring

Invoice-based accounting is expected in many industries, including many where small businesses dominate. It’s also one of the most labor-intensive ways to handle your billing because of the cash flow issues that can pop up if customers pay late. For... Read More

How To Choose the Right Commercial Real Estate Loans

Real estate financing might just be the most complex form of debt financing out there because of the staggering diversity of products to choose from. It’s a close call whether real estate is more complex than cash flow financing for... Read More

Equipment Financing Options for Construction Businesses

For construction companies, getting a piece of heavy machinery is like receiving a surprise present. Unwrapping that new piece of equipment is exciting because of how valuable and useful it is for your business operations. A single piece of construction... Read More

Different Types of Hotel Financing

The hospitality industry is undergoing a massive shift in the way hotels and resorts are being built and operated. One of the most significant shifts has been in the financing of these luxury hotel properties. There are now alternative and... Read More

3 Secrets to a Successful SBA Loan Application

While the Small Business Administration is fairly strict about its criteria for 2, it is also charged with making SBA loans accessible to small companies all over the country. That means if you nail those criteria, you can generally count... Read More

3 FAQs About Merchant Cash Advances

When it comes to short-term financing, businesses that rely on consumer sales and services have unique needs and hurdles. Their demand-driven business cycle tends to be seasonal and a lot of cash flow winds up back in inventory, so it... Read More

Where Can I Go for Small Business Funding?

The story is as old as the most ancient economies: You have a fabulous idea that will make you rich, but you have no money to get started. Still, even if your grand plan is no more extensive than owning... Read More

What All Companies Need To Know About Accounts Receivable Financing

Have you heard about accounts receivable financing, also called factoring and sometimes AR financing for short, and wondered whether it would be a useful tool for your business to have in its toolkit? This unique financing arrangement allows you to... Read More