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Rotay Capital Finance provides lending and business capital services during COVID 19

Pandemic response is an important element of finance and commerce Lancaster, Penn. – March 31, 2020 – Stephen Rotay, president and owner of Rotay Capital Finance, provides expanded capabilities in lending business capital to small, medium and large sized businesses during the... Read More

Networking Event Held To Help Small Businesses

Stephen Rotay, president and owner of Rotay Capital Finance in Lancaster, and Bob Reagan, senior vice president with North Mill Capital LLC based in Princeton, N.J., recently hosted a networking occasion for 30 local financial experts, lenders and vendors. The... Read More

Rotay Capital Finance and North Hill Capital event designed to help the local and regional economy

Lancaster, Penn. – March 3, 2020 – Stephen Rotay, president and owner of Rotay Capital Finance in Lancaster, and Bob Reagan, Senior Vice President with North Mill Capital LLC, -based in Princeton, New Jersey, recently hosted a networking occasion for 30 local financial... Read More

Common Questions to Ask Yourself Before Financing Equipment

When you’re considering the possibility of financing equipment, there are some questions you should ask yourself to be sure that you’re going about it in the right way, and that you achieve the greatest value for your investment. Some of... Read More

Calculating the Cost of Scaling Your Business

When you’re preparing to scale up so as to accommodate an increased level of business, it’s important that you examine all your needs from the standpoint of whether they are actual business needs, or whether they fall on to your... Read More

Reduce Utility Costs at Multifamily Properties

You decided to invest in multifamily rental properties as a primary or secondary source of income. As you know, multiple expenses associated with the upkeep of the property can eat into your profit margin. Although paying utilities is one of... Read More

How Business Lines of Credit Can Alleviate Cash Flow Troubles

Not all businesses have incoming revenues steadily flowing in every day, and that means it can be very difficult to stay on top of monthly expenses. If your business is one that has gaps in cash flow, and it makes... Read More

A Guide for Multifamily Real Estate Business

Multifamily real estate is one of many options available for property investors. This post provides an overview of multifamily properties to help you decide if they are worth adding to your portfolio. The Basics Multifamily properties are those with multiple... Read More

How to Hire Employees for Your Small Business

While you might start a business on your own, you will likely need to hire employees if you want to grow beyond a one-man or one-woman operation. This can be an intimidating process if you have never had the responsibility... Read More

10 Benefits of Using SBA 504 Loans

An SBA 504 loan is one which is designed to fill a market gap for this country’s small businesses, in the area of long-term financing. It requires a 10% down payment and is a fixed-rate loan that is backed by... Read More