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Rotay Capital Finance Provides Real Estate Investment Portfolio Loans

Lancaster, Penn. – November 14, 2019 – Stephen Rotay, president and owner of Rotay Capital Finance, is offering portfolio loans, also known as a blanket loans which are utilized to fund the purchase of multiple pieces of property. According to... Read More

5 Ways Microsoft Excel Can Save More Time in Your Day

Even businessmen who are not particularly tech-savvy can gain a world of benefits by using Microsoft Excel. The software has come a long way in the last several decades, and it’s easier to use than ever before. Here are some... Read More

Loan Options for Medical Equipment

The medical industry in this country has traditionally been extremely steady, primarily because there is a never-ending market for medical care required by people in need of medical services. When you require additional medical equipment in order to properly service... Read More

Assessing Value in Commercial Real Estate Investment

There are several methods you can use to value a commercial real estate investment that you’re considering. The valuation you select is related to how you plan to use the investment. For instance, you might plan to build a new... Read More

How to Find the Best Employees in the Construction Industry

With the right construction employees, well-suited for your company needs and the specific position, your business can grow and expand. Use our expert tips to streamline and improve recruiting for your construction business. Write a great ad: Clearly list required... Read More

Rotay Capital Finance sponsored Inspiring Films event in Lancaster with local filmmakers, influencers and actress Tracy Melchior on Oct. 3

Lancaster, Penn. – October 10, 2019 – Stephen Rotay, president and owner of Rotay Capital Finance in Lancaster, recently hosted a local event, Hollywood Comes To Lancaster, with star actors and producers of Inspiring Films. On October 3, a whiskey tasting and film clips preview... Read More

Rotay Commercial Finance provides business capital to small, medium and large sized businesses

Lancaster, Penn. – October 10, 2019 – Stephen Rotay, president and owner of Rotay Capital Finance, provides expanded capabilities in lending business capital to small, medium and large sized businesses with recently establishing Rotay Commercial Finance. Rotay’s team of commercial lending experts have... Read More

5 Tips for Financing Construction Equipment

It can be a very tricky prospect for construction contractors to arrange for financing the purchase of new construction equipment. Incoming revenues are often difficult to anticipate, because of slow-paying customers, and that means you will generally have to arrange... Read More

Tips for Beginners in the Fix-and-Flip Scene

If you are a new real estate investor using a fix-and-flip strategy, you’re at the beginning of a potentially lucrative and entertaining career. There are also significant risks if you jump in without doing serious research. Heed this house flipping... Read More

Cost-Effective Sales Strategies for a Successful Sales Performance

Every small business wants to make more sales for less money. Doing so, however, requires committing to specific sales strategies. This article outlines those strategies and how your company can follow them. Provide Free Trials or Samples First-time customers may... Read More