Every small business wants to make more sales for less money. Doing so, however, requires committing to specific sales strategies. This article outlines those strategies and how your company can follow them.

Provide Free Trials or Samples

First-time customers may be hesitant to try something from your company, especially if it’s on the newer side. One of the best sales strategies you can use to overcome this is providing a free trial period or sample of your product. That way, the customer can try your product without risk—and if it’s a good product, you’ll likely win the customer over.


When it comes to sales strategies, upselling is a particularly cost-effective method: The customer is already making a purchase, so why not see if they’ll buy additional items? To get the most out of upselling, Business.com recommends bundling items, keeping the options focused, and not pressing too hard.

Provide After-Sale Service

Strong after-sale service is a way to help ensure that the customer makes more purchases in the future. It costs very little to follow up with a customer through email or a phone call. Check in to see if they’re satisfied with their purchase. If they are, great! If not, you can take steps to fix their dissatisfaction and retain their loyalty.

Incentive Programs

Incentive programs are a strong way to inspire your employees to give their best. Whether it’s a commission, a potential pay raise, or some other type of reward, clearly outline what your employees stand to gain by giving it their all in every customer interaction.

Employ Content Marketing

Content marketing is a way to reach customers in a way that isn’t transparently promotional. Providing content that customers find helpful is a way to draw their attention to your business, giving your company more leads. Additionally, customers drawn through content marketing tend to have a high conversion rate.

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