Growing Your Business Through Liquid Financing

When you are starting your business, it can be hard to cover all of the necessary operating expenses while also planning for future growth. The demands of the present such as payroll, insurance and inventory can take center stage, pushing five-year goals into the background. The professionals at Rotay Capital Finance understand these challenges and have solutions to enable forward momentum and continued expansion. Through accounts receivable financing, your company can benefit from liquid funds now, to realize the full potential of success in the years to come.

How Does Accounts Receivable Financing Work

If your company is struggling to make ends meet or needing to procure start-up financing, Rotay Capital Finance is there to help your business change course. By assuming the customer debt owed to you and putting the terms of the credit on your clients rather than your business, instant cash flow can be made available to you. When you let Rotay Capital Finance take charge of financing receivables, these are the benefits you can experience:

  • Freedom to apply ready cash to business growth
  • Credit insurance offered at no cost to your clients and customers
  • New loan and credit opportunities based on real assets
  • Ready capital to pay for unexpected events and seasonal impacts
  • Create stability with steady income flow and upward progression

By outsourcing your accounts receivable department, expanding your business becomes a headache-free reality. Contact the Rotay Capital Finance team today and begin the journey to success!