Not all businesses have incoming revenues steadily flowing in every day, and that means it can be very difficult to stay on top of monthly expenses. If your business is one that has gaps in cash flow, and it makes meeting your monthly expenses a challenging proposition, you might benefit significantly by having a business line of credit you can turn to.

Managing Payroll and Monthly Expenses

Payroll is not something that can be deferred or delayed, because employees expect to be paid at the same time every period, regardless of what your business circumstances are. Most likely, your vendors and suppliers feel the same way and expect to be paid for their services and products whether your business is doing well or not. To ensure that these critical expenses can be met every month, a business line of credit could be invaluable for you to draw on. Then when incoming revenues are more plentiful, you could pay down on that business line of credit, so the balance is available to you again in the near future.

Providing a Safety Net

As any business owner can tell you, there is a whole slew of unexpected expenses related to conducting business. When most of these are un-budgeted and unplanned, there simply isn’t available capital to pay them all off with, and this is a perfect opportunity to use your business line of credit. If you can avoid using your line of credit most of the time, it can serve as a vital safety net for handling all unexpected business expenses which need to be paid, but for which you have not budgeted.

Would lines of credit help your small business?

If so, please contact us at Rotay Capital Finance, so we can discuss some options which may secure for you the line of credit you’re seeking. Nothing is more flexible than a line of credit, and it can literally be a life-saver for your small business.