With the right construction employees, well-suited for your company needs and the specific position, your business can grow and expand. Use our expert tips to streamline and improve recruiting for your construction business.

  • Write a great ad: Clearly list required skills, qualifications and experience level. Do not waste time with applicants without the required certifications or training.
  • Get the word out: Consult with a specialized construction-business recruiter. Participate in job fairs at local trade schools. Put up flyers where workers might hang out, like restaurants or other businesses near construction sites, gym bulletin boards and home improvement stores. Use relevant online construction job boards. (Use Google to find the latest popular ones.) Create an open jobs page on your company website.
  • Assess cultural fit: The basic qualities for success in almost any company culture include a positive outlook, confidence in your abilities with respect for others, plus the ability to handle work-related pressures. Employees should be open to learning new methods, honest and teamwork-oriented, while also able to work on projects independently.
  • Look for dedication: If the person’s work history shows frequent jumps from job to job, you may not want to bring them on board. It’s often helpful to ask the prospective construction employee why they got into the business and about future career goals. Look for someone who enjoys their trade and finds doing good work to be satisfying.
  • Test with a real-world situation: Ask construction employees to tell you about a challenging issue they’ve faced at a prior workplace and how they handled it. Describe a work situation they might face or decision they might need to make if hired at your construction company–and ask how they would deal with it.
  • Run a background check: Never skip this, even if your gut instinct is to trust the individual. It’s fair (and wise) to put everyone through this step prior to offering them a job. Always ask for and check references.

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