While you might start a business on your own, you will likely need to hire employees if you want to grow beyond a one-man or one-woman operation. This can be an intimidating process if you have never had the responsibility of hiring in the past. We offer some tips below to help make the process easier, whether it’s the first or tenth time you need to hire employees.

Make Sure You Follow the Rules from the Start

Federal, state, and local governments can have strict requirements for both hiring and the administrative records you must keep on employees. We recommend utilizing the free resources available on the Small Business Administration website available at this link. Joining a networking group of other small business owners can also provide helpful tips and leads for hiring and working with accountants and other professionals.

Consider a Group Interview When Hiring a New Team

Sometimes it’s not enough for new small business owners to hire employees. They must also hire entire teams whose success depends largely on collaboration with one another. If this describes your situation, your company could benefit from bringing in people to interview for various positions at the same time. By interviewing and observing them as a group, you can see emerging personalities as well as how well they work together.

Does the Applicant Fit Company Culture?

Every business has a company culture, no matter how new it is. Be sure to consider the current culture carefully and how well an applicant might fit into it before proceeding with a job offer. While a person’s credentials might look excellent on paper, personality traits and soft skills are just as important. If they don’t work well at your organization, you will have wasted a lot of the budget on an employee who quit within days or weeks of starting the job.

Hiring the right employees is certainly a challenge. Please don’t hesitate to contact Rotay Capital if we can help in any way.