Retaining talented employees is integral to success in business. However, sometimes it’s your top personnel who become dissatisfied and want to leave. This can become not only disruptive and expensive, but also disheartening to those who stay on.

Here are some tips on how to stabilize and strengthen your business through employee retention.

Don’t Overwork Them

It’s tempting to pass on all the difficult assignments to your most skilled employees, but watch out about overloading them with work. Talented personnel may become disgruntled if they are obviously given more to do than their colleagues. If it’s imperative that you increase the responsibilities of your top people, accompany the extra work with a raise, promotion, or at least a new job title.

Challenge Them

Boredom can be a problem with exceedingly talented employees. To prevent this and ensure employee retention, give them stimulating work that takes them beyond their comfort zones and engages their intellect and creativity. Additionally, don’t dictate their methods of operation too narrowly or they may feel stifled. Allow them to try out new ideas and methods as long as their performance is satisfactory.

Appreciate Their Efforts

Talented employees expect you to show appreciation of their hard work. If you ignore their above-average performances, they may make less effort and even look elsewhere for employment. Depending upon the situation this may involve public or private recognition. It also means that you need to provide them with adequate compensation. If you can’t raise their salary, offer them flexibility in scheduling, extra vacation time, or other perks.

Assist Them in Development

Another means of compensation is through skill development leading to job advancement or promotion. Talented employees are undoubtedly looking for opportunities for further growth. Satisfy this urge by offering them chances to work with mentors or take continuing education courses.

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