An important factor in ensuring prosperity after mergers and acquisitions is the successful integration of company cultures. It is imperative that you assuage employee anxiety and reassure personnel that any necessary changes represent a move forward and a bright future.

Here are some tips on keeping the workplace environment vibrant and healthy after mergers and acquisitions.

Evaluate the Disparate Cultures

Line up the disparate cultures side by side and determine the areas of alignment and the important differences. It’s vital to recognize where the disparities are so that you can address and resolve them.

Create a Plan for Integration

Once you have compared cultures, you can create a new culture based on the beliefs, behaviors, and values that will best serve the merged company going forward. This new culture should be clearly defined so that it is easy to pass on to your personnel. Devise a plan and dedicate the necessary resources to facilitate cultural implementation and management.

Emphasize Communication

The key to successful cultural integration after mergers and acquisitions is communication. Most people feel anxious and uncertain after major upheavals. You can alleviate this stress by being transparent about the changes taking place. Reassure your employees that they are valued and that their jobs are secure. Assure them that the merger and integration of cultures is the best move not only for the company but also for each of them.

Embrace the Changes

Embrace the changes through a celebration of the new culture that the merger has brought about. The integration of organizations has resulted in a newer, stronger company, and as you focus on your employees and your new culture, everyone involved will reap the positive results as the business grows and reaches new heights of accomplishment.

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