Veterans make great entrepreneurs. The same character traits that make a person successful in the military translate well into business. If you’re considering beginning your own veteran-owned business, you should check out these resources that will help you take your idea and drive and turn them into a successful project.

Small Business Administration

The SBA is a great place for any entrepreneur, but veterans have even more resources. Some communities have Veteran Business Outreach Centers that provide business training, mentoring and counseling specific to veteran-owned businesses. The Veteran Fast Launch Initiative is another program through the SBA SCORE centers. Boots to Business is a training program offered by the SBA for veterans. You spend two days in the classroom, then go home to work through an online course to form a business plan and work out the details of your business.

The Veterans Administration

The VA supports veteran-owned businesses by offering the Veteran Entrepreneur Portal, giving you tools and services for businesses. You’ll also get links and information to other government resources that could benefit your business. The VA also has VetBiz, which helps you go through the verification process to get VA contracts.

Local Partners

American Corporate Partners is just one non-profit organization that links veterans to business leaders in the community for mentoring and advice. Victory Spark has a 12-week mentor program that includes grant funding once the program is completed. The National Veteran-Owned Business Association is an organization that encourages larger businesses to support veteran businesses and lobbies for their members.

The EBV Foundation offers mentorship and resources for veterans with disabilities. V-Wise targets female veterans who want to start a business or have already done so. Honor Courage Commitment, Inc. has a program that includes scholarships, grants, and fellowships that help veterans build leadership.

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