Lancaster, Penn. – March 3, 2020 – Stephen Rotay, president and owner of Rotay Capital Finance in Lancaster, and Bob Reagan, Senior Vice President with North Mill Capital LLC, -based in Princeton, New Jersey, recently hosted a networking occasion for 30 local financial experts, lenders and vendors. The evening function was held in early February at the Hampton Club of Lancaster. A reception, dinner and interactive presentation included an informational exchange on how to further help small businesses and individuals with finance and lending alternatives to traditional banks or having to meet the investment criteria of private equity or venture capital firms, among others.

According to Rotay, the event supported current views about the lending industry foreseeing a good market ahead for consumers who need more sources of capital to operate, expand and provide work for their businesses, staff and labor. Also, discussed was how Rotay and Reagan work together for their clients with highly customized financing solutions including a broad portfolio of financial products to provide successful capital solutions, with attractive terms and rates. “New marketing strategies, products and services, and technologies must be addressed to encourage lending. As lenders, we are watching this closely to promote a positive economy,” said Rotay.

“This was a significant opportunity to join forces with Steve and his team along with invited guests and vendors, all who serve clients in the lending field. We need to continuously learn about products and services available in the industry,” said Reagan. “This was an evening of meeting friends and newcomers who offer valuable alternatives for those who cannot achieve loans through traditional banking,” he said. “For example, as a direct lender with extensive capital resources, we consider an entire asset mix when structuring small business financing. At the recent event, we met additional professionals who can customize and leverage assets others are unable to obtain.”

Scott Stevens, First Vice President of Small Business Administration (SBA) lending for 44 Business Capital -based in Camp Hill, Pa., was a guest at the event and a vendor who provides loans to small businesses nationwide. “As a direct small business lender for a division of Berkshire Bank, we recognize loan programs specifically designed for businesses with financing needs up to $5 million,” said Stevens. “We work with Rotay Capital Finance and North Hill Capital among others as a commitment to help make the financing process as simple and expedient as possible for local and regional businesses. We value our ability to work as a team and give our clients the best possible service they deserve.”

“As a longtime local businessman, resident and community advocate in Lancaster, my business will continue to create innovative opportunities for clients and vendors to meet and exchange ideas, products and services,” said Rotay. “This is the just the beginning of networking events we’ll hold in the region to further offer viable financing options for small businesses as the core of our economy,” said Rotay.

Rotay Capital Finance staff professionals seek capital for businesses to operate, expand and work with highly customized financing solutions including a broad portfolio of financial products to provide successful capital solutions, with attractive terms and rates.

Since 2000, Rotay has owned and operated five top sales and award-winning restoration franchises in Pennsylvania and New Jersey, a recruiting company, and other businesses. He spent most of his career in sales and management while coaching and mentoring company owners in management skills and building customer relationships. His experience and success provide a practical approach while advising clients. Rotay served in the United States Marine Corps with a focus on an appreciation for order, pride and quality. Rotay has received recognition in the categories of  50 Fastest Growing Companies and Business of the Year, among others. He resides in West Lampeter Township with his family and regularly participates in community and networking clubs, and events. For more information, call 717-299-9998. Visit the website at