Pandemic response is an important element of finance and commerce

Lancaster, Penn. – March 31, 2020 – Stephen Rotay, president and owner of Rotay Capital Finance, provides expanded capabilities in lending business capital to small, medium and large sized businesses during the new challenges of coronavirus (COVID-19). He and his team of professionals have the ability to identify a myriad of financing solutions according to asset and funding requirements without the obstacles that traditional banks and lenders can present.

According to Rotay, the coronavirus outbreak is causing widespread public concern and economic impact for individuals and businesses across the globe. “The situation is fast-moving. Most traditional lenders and servicers must contend with evolving regulatory requirements, risks of regulatory and litigation scrutiny, and management of a volatile financial environment, among others,” said Rotay. “It’s our expertise to understand financial options for businesses. That includes minute-by-minute updates on assistance programs like Small Business Administration (SBA) offerings.”

The company’s highly experienced staff finances transactions nationally and internationally with commercial loans from $100,000 to $50 million, and more. Financing is available for all types of business needs including accounts receivable, real estate, purchase order financing, SBA, and stated income loans, to name a few. The firm can also finance lending for staffing, payroll, and unsecured lines of credit along with funding for consumer loans, equipment, franchises, and medical healthcare practices.

“The pandemic and its impact on the financing industry has prompted a significant private and government lending response. We are currently working constructively with borrowers affected by COVID-19. There are many entities that specialize in loans and loan modifications which can be in place to prevent borrower harm, and improve loan performance and credit risk,” said Rotay.

“For example, we work with our clients to categorize their loan modifications as troubled debt restructurings. And, we suggest short-term modifications made in good faith and in response to COVID-19 to borrowers who were current with payment deferrals, fee waivers, and extensions of repayment terms, and more,” he said. “We are having success with solving financial problems and relationships with numerous lending vehicles along with expertise in SBA support.”

Rotay Capital Finance is equipped to develop programs to prevent significant disruptions to business operations, while monitoring potential outbreaks and providing client-centered education. The firm is in constant communication with service providers, lenders, and government agencies during the pandemic. A comprehensive framework is in place for maintaining critical business operations despite employee unavailability and infrastructural disruptions and, to avoid traditional lenders, a rush to refinance, plus other potential obstacles.

Rotay added, as economic circumstances of many borrowers can change quickly, lenders must work hard to understand shifting dynamics. “For lenders already servicing loans of such borrowers, helping distressed borrowers access the servicing team to better understand options is important,” he said.  Rotay and his team identify lending professionals who will be transparent, ensure timely handling of applications, know the approval criteria and status of their application, identify a point of contact and how COVID-19 is impacting their businesses. “We must not take our past methods of operation as the current norm. Practices such as providing digital services and virtual contact are alternative service options that should be available, presented up front, and be clear to applicants,” said Rotay. For more information, call 717-299-9998 or email Visit the website at