Stephen Rotay, president and owner of Rotay Capital Finance, provides expanded capabilities in lending business capital to small-, medium- and large-sized businesses during the new challenges of coronavirus (COVID-19). He and his team of professionals have the ability to identify myriad financing solutions according to asset and funding requirements.

The company’s staff members are able to finance transactions nationally and internationally with commercial loans from $100,000 to $50 million and more. Financing is available for all types of business needs, including accounts receivable, real estate, purchase order financing, Small Business Administration programs and stated income loans. The firm can also finance lending for staffing, payroll and unsecured lines of credit along with funding for consumer loans, equipment, franchises and medical health care practices.

Rotay Capital Finance is equipped to develop programs to prevent significant disruptions to business operations, while monitoring potential outbreaks and providing client-centered education. The firm is in constant communication with service providers, lenders and government agencies during the pandemic. A comprehensive framework is in place for maintaining critical business operations.

Rotay said that as economic circumstances of many borrowers can change quickly, lenders must work hard to understand shifting dynamics. Rotay and his team identify lending professionals who will be transparent, and they also ensure timely handling of applications, know the approval criteria and status of their application, identify a point of contact and know how COVID-19 is impacting businesses.

Rotay added that practices such as providing digital services and virtual contact are alternative service options that should be available, presented up front and be clear to applicants. For more information, readers may call 717-299-9998, email or visit