When you’re the founder of a brand new business, or running an already-established small business, you deal with significant daily stress. Despite the challenges, you still need to maximize productivity–because as an entrepreneur, you are your business. Use these tips to keep going strong and rise to any occasion, including tough negotiations, crucial sales presentations and meeting productivity goals.

Avoid Mental Overload to Maximize Productivity

High-performance entrepreneurship is possible when you:

  • Prepare thoroughly: Study and know the material you’ll be presenting and know your elevator pitch–so you can present confidently, impressively.
  • Get restful sleep consistently: Quality sleep, including the dreaming stage of REM sleep, helps all the facts and dilemmas flowing in your brain to become cohesive. This helps you to make the connections necessary to solve problems, and commits important information to memory. Deep, restful sleep also supports good health, keeping you strong both mentally and physically to face any business challenge–and stay productive.
  • Maintain perspective and regain calm: Perception is a reality, so take notice of all the physical symptoms of pressure and anxiety as they appear. You may have a pounding heart, sweating palms, tense breathing, etc. Next, reframe these physical symptoms as positives, (“of course I’m nervous, it shows that this event or presentation is important to me.”) Then, get symptoms under control so that you perform well. Concentrate on slowing your breath and breathing deeply, to calm yourself for a single great performance and phenomenal productivity over the long haul.
  • Picture success: Visualize the optimal outcome in detail. Elite athletes use this technique to calm their inner critic, and to prep for high-level performance. See, in your mind’s eye, how you’re making your next successful presentation. Envision exactly how you are moving and speaking, (slowly, calmly and brilliantly). Note how the “audience” responds (enthusiastically) encouraging you to excel. Visualize your new business partners or customers shaking your hand, won over by your conference presentation, your general expertise or your quick product/service turnaround time.

It turns out, performing well and being productive in business boils down to controlling physical stress symptoms and calming your wild mind.

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