The finances of most new business owners are often so tight they feel they have no choice but to take on every task themselves. This includes everything from website design to bookkeeping to hiring staff and much more. However, it doesn’t take long for them to realize they can’t attend to every administrative or related task and still have time to grow the business.

It’s at this point that outsourcing specific tasks becomes an attractive alternative. One reason for this is that it doesn’t require the same financial output as hiring an employee. With a freelancer, you pay only for the work you need completed and then move on. Below are some specific tasks to consider outsourcing for your small business.

Website Design

Most people research a company online before they consider purchasing a product or service. Your business could be missing out on several new leads if it doesn’t have a website or the website it does have was put together by an amateur who doesn’t specialize in website design. Having a website that accurately reflects your brand and is easy for visitors to navigate is essential to your company’s growth. Fortunately, many website designers work on a freelance basis and they should be easy for you to find.

Administrative Assistance

Tasks like checking email, answering phones, and scheduling appointments can be extremely time-consuming. That’s why outsourcing administrative work to a virtual receptionist makes sense. Depending on the technology you have available at your small business, the person does not even need to be on site to help keep your company running smoothly.


Letting this task slide could have disastrous consequences, especially when it comes time to file your company’s annual tax return. Before outsourcing it, make sure the freelancer you choose has previous experience keeping the books for a small business as well as tax preparation experience.

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